I’m a flute maker with about 28 years of experience. I work to make very carefully tuned and well playing flutes (A=440 Hz) from a renewable, yet ancient resource… bamboo. Take a look around. The “video” and “audio” tabs have good examples of what they sound like.

Handmade flutes by Wm. Miller

Fine tuned bamboo flutes in the keys (left to right) Low C, Low D (Irish) Eb, F, G, A, Bb, and C piccolo by Wm. Miller

Apologies to those who have tried to find me in the recent past. I have had a couple of sites that have crashed (losing valuable, intricate, yes, even delicate webs of fluterific info. that I had no control over, (hey, I wasn’t the webmaster!) This is my somewhat meager attempt to remedy that. (Must give accolades to wordpress. Yes, I do know flutes. No, I don’t know HTML)

Cheers, Billy

If you have any questions about the availability of a certain key, or style, just email me at: billymiller(at)swva(dot)net please put “flutes” with the key requested in the subject header. Thanks!